About Us


• Provide our customers with reliable, high quality water services in a safe, respectful, responsive, and environmentally responsible manner, all at value.
• Deliver excellent customer service through a motivated, skilled, and empowered workforce.
• Ensure professional stewardship of Atlanta’s drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and natural systems.
• Protect and enhance the region’s water resources, public health, and property while promoting sustainability and economic vitality.

Summary of Operations
The Department of Watershed Management is dedicated to providing the highest quality drinking water and wastewater services to residential, businesses and wholesale customers at the lowest possible cost, while protecting urban waterways, conserving natural resources, and providing clean, safe water for downstream customers. It is currently midway into the $4 billion Clean Water Atlanta Program, a complete overhaul of the City’s water and sewer infrastructure.

Traditionally, the City of Atlanta has operated its water, wastewater and sewer agencies independently. However, each of these functions is related to overall water quality and the management of water resources within a watershed. Watershed management is the best way to effectively restore, protect and manage water resources.