Sewer Rehabilitation

NPU: C                              Council District: 8

Cured-in-Place Lining (CIPP) will be performed in the Howell Mill Drive area at Beaverbrook Drive NW, resulting in temporary lane closure.


NPU: H                             Council District: 9

Crews will upgrade sewer line along Bolton Road NW near Fairburn Road NW which may require some blasting. Residents will be notified prior to blasting operation. 


NPU: L                              Council District: 3

Crews will perform sewer line repairs at the intersection of James P Brawley Drive SW and Beckwith Street SW. Beckwith Street will remain closed.


NPU: V                              Council District: 4

External point repairs with lane closure will take place at Beaverbrook Drive NW and at the Pryor/Ralph D Abernathy intersection.


NPU:  X                           Council District: 12

Sewer line repairs are scheduled for the Browns Mill Golf Course.  Restoration work will be performed at Belfast and Brewer Boulevard.