Multi Family Toilet Rebate Program

The City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management extends its high-efficiency toilet rebate to multifamily customers.  Apartment and condominium communities that are City of Atlanta water customers may qualify if the following criteria are met:

- Property owner/manager agrees to a pre-installation toilet inspection by DWM
- The property was built prior to 1993
- Existing toilets use more than 1.6 gallons per flush
- Property owner/manager is up-to-date on water bill payments
- Property owner/manager has water and sewer account with DWM
- Property owner/manager purchases all fixtures and arranges for/pays for installation
- Property owner/manager provides proof of purchase for 1.28 gpf or less, WaterSense replacement toilets
- Property owner/manager agrees to transport used porcelain toilets to one of two porcelain recyclers in the Atlanta area ( documentation from recycler required)
- Property owner/manager agrees to a post-installation verification site visit by DWM
- Property owner/manager completes a multifamily toilet rebate application (which includes all documentation listed above)

If the above criteria are met, the property owner/manager will receive a $100 rebate for each toilet replaced with a 1.28 gallon-per-flush or less EPA WaterSense toilet. Look for the EPA WaterSense  label.


Rebates will be applied to the water account(s) for the property in question. Rebate funds are guaranteed for six months from the date of the pre-installation inspection.

For more information about the Multifamily Toilet Rebate Program, contact Jennifer Carlile,, 404-546-1265.