Bill Disputes and Appeals

If you believe your bill is incorrect, there are a few steps you can take: 

First, you can discuss your concerns by calling the DWM Customer Service Call Center at 404-658-6500, Monday-Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can also access a dispute form and email it to

Or, you can mail a letter to: 
Department of Watershed Management 
Customer Service Department 
55 Trinity Avenue SW, 
Suite 5400 
Atlanta GA 30303 

When you contact us, please be sure to provide the following information: 
• Your name (printed) 
• Account number 
• Your mailing address, if it is different from the address where we provide your water and sewer services 
• The address of the property where water and sewer service charges were incurred 
• A telephone number where we can reach you between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday
• A brief summary of why you believe the current charges are incorrect, along with any supporting materials or information (such as plumber’s invoices) that could help us resolve the issue.

The City does not adjust bills based on toilet leaks unless the customer has a hearing impairment. The customer must present a medical form indicating such an impairment before his/her bill will be adjusted for a toilet leak.

The Customer Service Representative will indicate how much you should pay while your dispute is being handled and will tell you approximately when you will be contacted with the results of the investigation. If you are not satisfied with the Department’s response to your dispute, you can file an appeal. 

You have a right to an appeal only after your bill has gone through the formal dispute process, and a decision has been rendered. If you disagree with the Department of Watershed Management Dispute Team’s decision on a properly filed dispute, you can appeal to the Water Sewer Appeals Board within 60 days of the decision by taking one of the following steps: 

1. Download and complete the appeals form
2. Mail in or e-mail ( as an attachment your completed appeals form to: 

Department of Watershed Management 

Attn: Water & Sewer Appeals Request 
Customer Service Division 
651 14th Street NW 
Atlanta GA 30318 

Please Note: All current charges and any past due amounts that are not in dispute must be paid in order to avoid interruption of water services. 

After your Water/Sewer Appeals Board hearing, a written decision will be mailed to your home. 

Do not assume your appeal is being processed simply because you discussed it with a Customer Service Representative. You must file a formal appeal. 

Please follow these steps in order. You must dispute your bill before you can appeal it. Remember, you are not appealing your bill; you are appealing the Department’s decision in your dispute.

Customer Service
(404) 658-6500