Small Meter Audit

What is it? 
The DWM Small Meter Audit is a system-wide review of water meter components critical to the accuracy of residential water consumption and customer billing. The audit is a continuation of the Meter and Billing Accuracy Assessment, begun in Fall 2010. 

Why is the City doing this? 
The City of Atlanta is committed to ensuring customers receive accurate water and sewer bills. The Small Meter Audit’s objectives are to correct data-related issues in the billing system and to identify those issues with the meter, a process that can only be determined via on-site meter investigations. The desired outcome of the audit is to reduce the number of billing-related concerns, such as crossed MIU numbers, mismatched registers, and system-generated estimates. 

What kind of work is involved? 
Contractors will collect inventory data for all meters sizes 1” and smaller, including the meter size, type and manufacturer. That and other data will be confirmed with customer information in the billing system. 

What is the project scope and schedule? 
Contractors will review over 150,000 meters over the course of the project. Work will begin in early September in Sandy Springs and continue south through Fulton County, concluding at the end of the year. 

How will I be affected? 
Impacts to your community include intermittent stops at residences by contractor vehicles. Property owners should not experience encroachment, as all water meters are located in City right-of-way. 

Questions? Contact Us! 
We want to hear from you, Please use our online form at to submit request online or contact us at 404-546-0311 outside the City limits; or 311 within the City limits 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. , Monday - Friday.