Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

DWM makes extensive use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide critical tools for improving the quality, accuracy, efficiency, and responsiveness of government services provided by the City of Atlanta – Department of Watershed Management. GIS records, store, and analyze multiple layers of spatial information and relate the data to locations of interest as well as a multitude of frequently tracked mechanisms such as workorders, projects, reports, etc. These layers contain data in the form of points (e.g. addresses, locations, etc.), lines (e.g., streets, pipes, etc.) polygons (e.g., basins, political jurisdictions, etc) and images that can be viewed in various combinations to identify and display underlying spatial relationships. 

GIS Data Request Form

Complete this request form to inquire about available GIS data. DWM may, at its sole discretion, make certain datasets available to outside parties.