Report A Problem

Leaks, Main Breaks and Sewer Spills

Atlanta's water and sewer infrastructure is old. The City is working to overhaul the systems, but leaks in both water and sewer lines are still a problem. If you see a leak, please report it. 

If the leak runs clear and smells like chlorine, it is likely a leak in the water system. To report a water system leak, please call 404-546-0311. Leaks in the water system can be:
• At hydrants
• At meters
• In distribution lines from the meter to the house (repairs are the homeowner's responsibility)
• In distribution lines from the main to the meter (repairs are the City's responsibility)
• In transmission lines (repairs, in general, are the City's responsibility)

If a leak is cloudy and smells like sewage or stormwater, it is likely a leak in the sewer system. To report a sewer system leak, please call 404-546-0311. Leaks in the sewer system can be:
• In pipes from the house to the main
• In transmission lines


Low Water Pressure Inside Your Home
Low water pressure may be the result of problems with your plumbing system or it may result from a problem in the pipeline serving your area. If you have low water pressure often, you may have debris in your pipes, water supply and other valves may not be open, or you may have leaks. To address low pressure problems inside your home, you should call a plumber and have your system checked.

A sudden drop in water pressure may result from a water main leak or pump station malfunction. Typically, several homes in an area will be affected. If this occurs, DWM crews will be needed to fix the problem.

To report a system-related low water pressure problem, contact Customer Service at 404-546-0311.


Reporting Brown Water and Bad Tasting Water
Brown water occurs when normal sediments in the water lines become stirred up or “agitated.” Agitation can occur when the lines are turned off for repairs or when a line breaks. The brown color is usually from iron (rust) particles that come off of the older pipes. Although it is undesirable, the water is safe to drink. The color can stain white clothes in the washing machine. Try to eliminate the brown color by running your cold water for 15 to 20 minutes (run from an outside faucet). If the color does not go away, the outside lines may need to be flushed.

To report persistent brown water, contact Customer Service at 404-546-0311.

Reporting Sewer Odor and Illegal Discharges into the Sewer
The Customer Care Call Center is active 24/7.  We have crews around the clock waiting to respond to your sewer needs.  For all sewer related problems, please contact customer care at 404-546-0311.