DWM Priorities and Goals

In advancing its goal of providing safe and sustainable drinking water, wastewater, and watershed protection services to the community, DWM focuses its efforts on four priority areas. The strategic plan serves as an overarching plan to these eight priority areas and their respective goals.


Service Delivery: 

Increased responsiveness and improved customer service.


Infrastructure Reliability: 

Invest in critical assets and preventative maintenance to assure reliability.


Workplace Development:

Attract, develop and retain a talented workforce, and incentive strong performance.


Operational Efficiency:

Optimize limited resources to gain greater efficiencies within our enterprise operation.


Digital Transformation:

Invest in innovation to improve situational awareness and business intelligence.


Financial Resiliency:

Optimize revenue enhancements and meet the system’s financial needs at optimal costs.



Ensure the Department’s continued compliance with federal and state requirements.



Promoting safe working practices and protecting the assets, inventory and water supply; Safety first, Mission second culture.