DWM Becomes 1st Metro Area Water Utility To Complete In-House Hazmat Training

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Press Release

DWM Becomes 1st Metro Area Water Utility To Complete In-House Hazmat Training

September 26, 2012 – The Department of Watershed Management’s (DWM) first hazardous materials response team completed its training today with a chemical spill exercise at the Hemphill Water Treatment Plant. Nine of the 18 employees from across the Department who volunteered for the hazmat team finished the week-long training by responding to a simulated sodium hypochlorite spill. The training provides the group with the knowledge it needs to respond to various hazardous materials events, including sewer and chemical spills. DWM is the first water utility in the metro area to establish a hazmat response team.

“Because our employees are more familiar with our system and facilities, it makes sense that they handle this kind of response. This training puts DWM in a position to respond quickly and effectively to these kinds of situations,” said Yafet Bekele, the Department’s Interim Director of the Office of Safety & Security, which hosted the training. The training complies with all requirements of the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

“This kind of training ensures that we continue working toward our goal of being a Best-in-Class utility,” said DWM Commissioner Jo Ann Macrina. “And it should give our customers the confidence of knowing that we are continuing to improve the way we manage these critical systems.”