Boone Boulevard Green Infrastructure & Capacity Relief

Joseph E. Boone Boulevard is an east-west road located in the Proctor Creek Watershed in the northwest quadrant of Atlanta. It passes through several neighborhoods and connects downtown Atlanta to the future west-side path of the Atlanta BeltLine. The Boone Boulevard Green Infrastructure and Capacity Relief Project will provide pedestrian and bicycle improvements through the use of green infrastructure along Boone Boulevard from Mayson Turner Road to Northside Drive (approximately 6,300 feet).

The Boone Boulevard Green Infrastructure & Capacity Relief Project will provide capacity relief to the North Avenue Combined Sewer Area and water quality improvements through the use of green infrastructure. Additionally, the project will implement the Connect Atlanta Plan and Proctor North Avenue Green Infrastructure Vision of making Boone Boulevard a complete street.

Green infrastructure (GI) is a cost-effective approach to managing stormwater runoff that emphasizes infiltration, evapotranspiration, and reuse. GI works by reducing the volume of stormwater discharging through grey infrastructure (typically piped systems that discharge directly into bodies of water or water treatment facilities) by managing rainwater where it naturally falls and removing many of the pollutants present in runoff. By reducing volume and pollutants, these systems make an effective strategy for improving water quality.

The Boone Boulevard Green Infrastructure & Capacity Relief Project uses practice called bioretention, a specially landscaped area that captures runoff from an impervious surface and allows that water to infiltrate through the soil. As the water infiltrates, pollutants are removed from the stormwater runoff through a variety of mechanisms including absorption, microbial activity, plant uptake, sedimentation, and filtration.

The scope of GI for this project includes installing bioretention areas that collect stormwater runoff from Boone Boulevard. From Mayson Turner Road on the western end of the project to Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard, the current road configuration will change from 3 lanes (2 westbound lanes and 1 eastbound lane) to 1 eastbound and 1 westbound lane with 5’ dedicated bike lanes both sides of the road. From Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard to the eastern end of the project at Northside Drive, the current road configuration will change from 4 lanes (2 lanes eastbound and 2 lanes westbound) to 2 lanes (1 eastbound and 1 westbound) with bioretention and dedicated bike lanes along both sides of the road.

Start Date: Winter 2017
End Date: Fall 2017
Council District: 3
PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER: Jessica Walker jeswalker@atlantaga