Hemphill Reservoir #1 Embankment Repair

The Department of Watershed Management is working to bring Hemphill Reservoir #1 back in service. The Hemphill Reservoir #1 will provide additional water storage space at the capacity of 180 million gallons of water. Once filled, it will create a long-term backup water supply and bring both of Atlanta’s reservoirs back into normal operation. Reservoir #2, which is currently in service, has a capacity of 345 million gallons per day. This short-term project will ensure our water supply is conserved, improve efficiency and create additional water storage space to be available in the event of a crisis.

All construction will take place at the Hemphill Water Treatment Plant, therefore causing minimal impacts for nearby residents and businesses.  The project is slated for completion by the end of the year.

Built in 1893, the Hemphill WTP supplies 65 percent of all drinking water consumed by Atlanta residents, businesses and visitors. 

Crews are preparing to install precast riser for the
Hemphill Reservoir #1 Embankment Repair Project.

Worker is compacting and backfilling trench for the
Hemphill Reservoir Repair Project which will give
Atlanta two reservoirs to supply water to 1.2 million
people daily.