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Office of Watershed Protection
Implementing Green Infrastructure: 
Atlanta’s Post-Development Stormwater Management Ordinance

The Department of Watershed Management has recently updated the Post-Development Stormwater Management Ordinance to promote the use of Green Infrastructure on new and redevelopment projects in the City. Green infrastructure uses natural hydrologic features to manage water and provide environmental and community benefits. On development sites, Green Infrastructure includes engineered practices that are designed to mimic natural hydrology by infiltrating stormwater runoff into the ground, evapotranspiration (uptake of water by plants) in landscaped areas, or capturing and reusing the runoff through rainwater harvesting techniques. For more information on green infrastructure or the revised stormwater management requirements, see the resources below. 


General Information
Summary of Revisions
Post Development Stormwater Management Ordinance (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions
Green Infrastructure in Atlanta: A Self-Guided Tour
Implementing Green Infrastructure (StormCon 2013)

Stormwater Workshop Presentations 
StormCon 2014 Presentations
Small Commercial Design Manual 5-20-14
Homebuilder's Workshop 3-26-13
General Session 5-21-13
Bioretention - Ryan Winston 8-16-13 
Pervious Pavement - Ryan Winston 8-16-2013
StormCon Presentation 8-20-13 
‚ÄčRainwater Harvesting Workshop 9-16-13

YouTube Videos
General Session – Part 1
General Session – Part 2
General Session – Part 3
Rainwater Harvesting Workshop – Part 1
Rainwater Harvesting Workshop – Part 2
Rainwater Harvesting Workshop – Part 3

Design Resources & Reference Materials 
Georgia Stormwater Management Manual (Blue Book)
Coastal Stormwater Supplement 
Green Infrastructure for Small Commercial Development
Site Development Plan Review Submittal Requirements (Commercial)
PE Hydrology Certification
Runoff Reduction Alternative Design Form
Revised Stormwater Pipe Policy
Standard Details for work in the Right of Way (including Stormwater Planters and Bulb Out details)
EPA Green Infrastructure Website

Single Family Residential (SFR)
Green Infrastructure for Single Family Residences: COA Stormwater Guidelines
Site Development Plan Review Submittal Requirements (SFR)

Stormwater Consultation Meeting Handout 
Stormwater Concept Plan Requirements and Meeting Record

Click Here for a list of Site Development checklists and forms.

For more information regarding the Stormwater Concept Plan or to schedule a stormwater consultation meeting, call or email Cory Rayburn..

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