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Understanding your bill
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Understanding your bill

What is a CCF? A CCF is 100 cubic feet of water or about 750 gallons.

What is a Base Charge? A base charge is the minimum charge for water and sewer service. This charge is $6.56 for water inside and outside the city as well as for sewer.

What are Usage Tiers? The city of Atlanta department of watershed management bills in three usage tier levels. They are 0-3 CCF, 3-6 CCF and Greater than 6 CCF. Each tier has a different cost for service. In addition to the different tiers there are also different charges based on living inside the city limits or outside the city limits.

Click here to review the most current Water and Sewer rates for the City of Atlanta.  

The Department of Watershed Management offers a great tool to you at no charge that allows you to estimate your bill. Click here to view our Bill Calculator Tool. 


Common Types of Leaks

Leak Rate

Leak Rate
(gallons per minute)

Leak Rate
(gallons per month)

Leak Rate
(ccf per month)

Slow drip




Leaky flapper




Stuck faucet




Running toilet




Leaking pipe






What to do if you have Repaired a Leak

If you have identified a leak and have had it repaired, you may qualify for a bill adjustment. The department of watershed adjusts according to the city ordinance guidelines. Types of leaks that may be covered include:

– Meter Leaks
– Underground Leaks
– Other Leaks
– Vandalism

*The city does not adjust for toilet or faucet leaks, unless the customer is hearing impaired.

To see if your leak qualifies, the following documentation is required:

– A copy of your plumber’s repair statement detailing what was repaired, including the date of repair and any receipts for materials used.
– If your repair was not done by a plumber, please provide a detailed explanation on what was repaired along with the date and any receipts for materials used.
– A completed Account Review Request Form 

Click here to complete the form.

What happens Next?

Once you have submitted your account review request, Our customer resolutions team will review your request and update you in writing with our findings. If you do not agree with our findings or do not understand, you may request to appeal the decision. You will be contacted by a member of our team to discuss your account review appeal in detail. This may require a professional inspector to visit your location in which you have the option of attending. If you still do not agree with the decision made after meeting with our team member to discuss your account review, you may present your case before the Water and Sewer Appeals Board. This board is not part of the Department of Watershed. It is made up of private citizens and their decisions are independent of the department’s decisions. Finally, if you still do not agree with the decisions made, you may file an appeal with the Fulton County Court.

If you would like to request an account review, please give us a call at 404-546-0311 or complete an account review request form. Many of your questions can easily be answered by calling our customer care department Monday – Friday between the hours of 7AM and 6PM. For other inquiries that cannot be answered by phone, please complete the account review form. 

You may submit this form in one of following ways:

By Mail: 651 14th Street NW | Atlanta, GA 30318 | Attn: Customer Relsoutions

In Person: City Hall Walk In Location at 55 Trinity Ave. Suite 1600 | Atlanta, GA. 30318

*Please note that all charges that are not in dispute must be paid in order to avoid interruption of services.


High Bill Payment Assistance Programs

Care and Conserve Program

Payment Arrangement – Set up a payment arrangement by calling 311 or 404-546-0311 from outside of the Atlanta city limits.

Senior Citizen Discount Program