Water Conservation

The Department of Watershed Management (DWM) encourages ratepayers to conserve water by offering incentive programs and water conservation education/outreach.


Why Conservation Matters

- When we conserve water, we are helping to ensure a reliable water supply for current and future residents and businesses.

- Conservation practices help ensure that local streams have adequate flows, an essential component of healthy aquatic habitats.

- Water and wastewater treatment processes are energy-intensive; concurrently, power plants require a tremendous amount of process water. The point at which water and energy requirements are intertwined is called the Water/Energy Nexus. By using less water for daily activities – whether that is bathing, toilet flushing, or using process water in commercial operations – we both save water on the treatment end and we use less electricity.

Conserving water helps those who live “downstream” – and ultimately we all live downstream.

For tips on water conservation, click on: You can also visit the EPA WaterSense Web site for landscaping tips, kids' conservation activities, and information about efficient water fixtures.


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Water Conservation
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