Invoice Cloud Payment Portal

The City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management has launched a new online bill pay service for water and sewer bills, available early Feburary. The newly upgraded bill payment system provides a secure and easy method for customers to make payments.

The newly upgraded system allows customer to pay by check, online or through text message. Beginning this month, customers currently enrolled in AutoPay will be prompted to re-enroll so that automatic payments can continue without the convenience fee. Online customers will be prompted to change their password. If you are not enrolled in auto-pay, we encourage you to do so for more convenient bill payment. Customers will see new customer friendly features all in one location.

Once the system is available, login instructions will be sent to current online customers.  Once you gain access to the new system, we encourage you to re-enroll in AutoPay.

The new payment portal will offer:

*  Double encrypted secure online payment

*  Paperless billing

*  Mobile optimized features

*  Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system in English and Spanish

*  Advanced user friendly customer tool for phone payments

*  Friendly bill notification email reminders

If you have questions, please call our customer service line at (404) 546-0311. 

To access the new Invoice Cloud Payment Portal click here.

Once the customer selects the link, the following page will display:

The customer should have their account number and the last name as it appears on their account  to make a one-time payment.  Once the customer selects the pay now button, the following page will display: