Requests for Balance Pay-Off/New Procedures

On July 1, 2016, Senate Bill 206 went into effect. Below are the new guidelines for requesting a Lien Pay-Off in writing.

Who are authorized to request pay-off information under the new law?

All persons of interest not limited to property owners, attorneys, investors, lenders, or title companies seeking to obtain pay-off information for any property address the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management bills for water and sewer services.

How can pay-off information be requested from the Department of Watershed Management?

1. The preferred method is online and will be made available by Friday July 29, 2016 by completing the online form. A $10.00 processing fee will be charged for this service.
2. You can also mail your request by clicking on the link below containing the Water Sewer Request for Statement of Charges Form. The form must be sent certified mail or overnight receipt along with check or money order for $10.00 for the processing fee. Please see bottom of the form for additional instructions, or mail form along with payment to ATTN: FINANCE DEPARTMENT 9TH FLOOR, 72 MARIETTA STREET, ATLANTA GA 30303.

- If mailing the form, it’s recommended to type your information.
- If sending multiple requests, please complete a separate form for each property address. You may also send one check or money order to cover the total processing fee for multiple requests (example: 10 completed forms = $100.00 processing fee).
- Information requested over the phone, requests sent by regular mail, or hand-delivered by courier is not an approved method to obtain pay-off information under the Senate Bill 206.


Can I submit my requests online and how soon will the information be provided once a request is properly submitted?

Online (electronic) requests are scheduled to be made available by Friday July 29, 2016. Online requests are processed 2-3 business days sooner and are less costly than mailing. The overall processing time may vary by request based on the amount of research needed to provide the information; however, the Department is required to provide all responses within 10 business days of receiving the request.

- Online requests will be considered received on the next business day following the successful transmission of the request.
- Unless specified by the requester, all responses will be provided through email communications using the email address provided on the form.
- Please consider scheduling closing dates at least (10) business days from the date the Department receives your request. All requests are processed in the order they are received and we do not want our customers inconvenienced in anyway.
- This process is unable to support expedited or urgent requests. Please allow up to (10) business days before inquiring on the status of your request through our ATL311 Customer Service Center by calling 404-546-0311.


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