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To increase competition, contain costs and ensure quality in business development operations between the Department of Watershed Management and potential vendors.

Business Opportunities

The Department of Watershed Management currently is in the middle of the largest infrastructure overhaul ever for the City's water and sewer systems — the $4 billion Clean Water Atlanta program. The City will be seeking professional services, construction services and equipment, as it works to meet its Consent Decree deadlines.

The City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management Vendor Development Program sends out regular email updates to keep you informed as more definitive information becomes available about when specific projects are going out for bid. For more information on upcoming contracting opportunities, e-mail us at

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DWM INDUSTRY DAY – Thursday October 6, 2016


The Department of Watershed Management (DWM) hosted DWM Industry Day to provide industry partners information on the department’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP), Consent Decree projects, water distribution projects, MOST-funded projects and Renew Atlanta-related projects. Commissioner Kishia L Powell welcomed the participants and the DWM Senior Staff were introduced.  A session was also be held on “Doing Business with the City of Atlanta” featuring presentations from the Department of Procurement, the Mayor’s Office of Contract Compliance and the Office of Risk Management.  Over 140 contractors and vendors attended the seminar and networking reception.

The PowerPoint presentations and supporting documentation from Industry Day can be downloaded from the following links:

Industry Day Agenda 

DWM Upcoming Projects:

Industry Day CIP Presentation  

Industry Day Consent Decree Presentation 

CIP Master Schedule  

DWM Upcoming Projects 2016-2017  

How to Do Business With The City:

Supplier Registration  ( Link Coming Soon )


Risk Management 

Contract Compliance  

Industry Day Flyer:


Attendee List


Small Business Development Program

The City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management (DWM) offers the Annual Small Business Development Program (SBDP), an intensive 10-week construction management training program for business owners who are interested in advancing their businesses, enhancing their knowledge of sewer rehabilitation work and related support services and who would like to pursue bidding opportunities under the City's $4 Billion Water and Sewer Rehabilitation Program.
SBDP-8 classes will resume in January.  Business owners and/or key employees must be available to attend training during the months of January, February and March.

If your company is interested in participating in the 2017 Small Business Development Program (SBDP-9), please send an email to and request to be added to the mailing list.

Media Links
Small Business Development Program 8 Information Session 2015
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*** WCLK interview on the Vendor Development Program ***
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Doing Business With The City

You can get more general information for doing business with the City of Atlanta here. The Department of Watershed Management is fully committed to the City’s Equal Business Opportunity Program goals. We seek diversity in every aspect of our infrastructure improvements program. Firms seeking sub-consultant, sub-contractor or joint venture partner opportunities are encouraged to contact potential prime contractors and/or the City of Atlanta’s Office of Contract Compliance at 404-330-6010. 

Equal Opportunity

The City of Atlanta actively promotes full and equal business opportunities for minority and female business enterprises through the City of Atlanta's Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Programs. The Minority/Female Business Enterprise (M/FBE) Register will help you locate minority-owned and female-owned firms certified by the Office of Contract Compliance for participation in the EBO Program

The following link will direct you to the M/FBE Certification Process and the M/FBECertified Business Register.

City of Atlanta Office of Contract Compliance 

Archived Resources: 2012 Partnering for Progress Seminar PowerPoint Presentations

Right-click to download the Powerpoint Presentation.
Small Business Administration - Cassius Butts
How to do Business with the City
Procurement - Keith Brooks 
Risk Management - Jimmy Porter
Office of Contract Compliance - Hubert Owens
Federal/State DBE Guidelines - Cherese Myree
Aviation - 12 Month Look-ahead - Justina Mann 


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